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Dermabrasion is an exfoliating technique that uses an instrument to remove the outer layers of skin, usually on the face. This treatment is popular with people who wish to improve the appearance of their skin

Advanced antiaging treatment with Collagen and Chondroitin Wrinkle-Fillers, natural Collagen (2 molecular weights), Edelweiss stem cells and Flower nectar.

Natural antiaging treatment with organic extra virgin Olive oil,olive leaf and herbal extracts to moisturize, nourish, fight wrinkles and leave the skin.

Intensive moisturizing and anti-wrinkle beauty treatment with 3 types of Hyaluronic acid, Oligopeptides, Hyaluronic ‘Wrinkle-fillers’, White Tea, Cherry blossoms, Roses, Magnolia and Lotus flowers.

An anti-wrinkle treatment based on natural Cacao for stress-free feeling and happy skin. Its selected ingredients moisturize, brighten and firm the skin.

Moisturizing and soothing treatment for dry and sensitive skin types with Azulene and Hyalurinicacid.

EUCALYPTUS for Acne Prone and Oily Skin
Cleanses and purifies problematic oily skin with imperfections.

Luxurious beauty line with Gold, Silk proteins, marine Collagen ’wrinkle – fillers’ and Oligopeptides.

Advanced antiaging, firming and moisturizing treatment with Plant Stem Cells, Oligopeptides, Hyaluronic acid and specially selected natural and biotechnological active ingredients for the delicate and stressed eye-contour area.

Professional anti-wrinkle serum with Botox-Like and Retinol-Like effects.

Professional active serum with Hyaluronic and marine Collagen microspheres for emediate filling.

Professional face firming serum that offers both immediate (Flash Lifting) and Long Lasting Lifting Effects.

Professional moisturizing and antiwrinkle serum with very low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid.

Professional concentrated Vitamin C serum with antioxidant and whitening action.