Those who try to remove unwanted hair from their body have tried several different methods without any particular result. The use of razors causes cuts and burns on the skin, while creams and various hair removal products can cause irritation and discomfort. With these above methods, you should repeat them regularly if you want to maintain a normal appearance. Let’s not talk about the tweezers. The ideal solution to this hair growth problem you are facing is, of course, the waxing process. With this procedure, you will not face problems of fumes, cuts and burns, while the results of this service will last for several weeks! However, the advantages of this method do not stop here and clearly; this method does not present the side effects of the other forms of hair removal.


Equally important with the appearance of facial hair is body hair for women, especially when the hair density is quite high and has a darker shade. By searching, you will find many different solutions for hair removal, but none can be compared to the waxing method. The minimal pain you may feel during the procedure is obviously worth it for all the other benefits you will receive through this treatment. Because any treatment to improve the appearance of your body should always be immediate and straightforward. Enjoying a professional face and body hair removal service from MV Beauty Art, you will receive results that guarantee accuracy, efficiency and reliability. The specialists who will undertake your treatment know every skin type and the necessary techniques. Every client feels special in our space, and the pleasure he gets after the end of the session is our greatest reward.



By choosing a facial-body wax treatment, you will be able to keep your skin smooth for two to six weeks. In addition, you will not have to strain your skin with other methods that do not guarantee the same results.

After completing each waxing treatment, your hair becomes thinner, and its density is significantly reduced – which is extremely important for the final look of your face that will be free of irritating facial hair. This treatment, which targets the follicles, dramatically slows down hair growth, which in turn prolongs the sessions for your hair removal.

In addition to covering larger areas of the skin in less time, an additional advantage of waxing is that this method has tremendous accuracy. Now the demanding areas around the eyebrows and eyes are made very quickly by using this practical method that accurately applies its results. This method can remove the very thin hairs on your skin, as well as possible dead skin cells that your other methods can not cover with their limited application.

Following a waxing treatment, you will enjoy many additional benefits. The modern formulas used in the hair removal process have quite strong antioxidant and moisturizing action. During this process, you also enjoy the method of a gentle exfoliation, which cleanses, more specifically, the area of ​​your face, which is constantly exposed to harmful conditions. With all these quality formulas that will be applied to your skin during the treatment, you will have acquired an essential and moisturizing protection shield that will prevent the appearance of problems during the removal of your hair.

Waxing is a method widely used in the circles of care and beauty. This means that it is comparatively cheaper than other procedures, such as threading and laser treatments. It does not require any special use of equipment or preparation to perform, so it is a reasonably economical choice for everyone. Also, the quality of the services you receive is reflected in the money you have for this service.


Our most popular waxing services are listed below. If there is a service that you can not find in the list, you can search for it by contacting us.

Eyebrow waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair with the use of wax. Afterwards, our waxing specialists give them the desired shape in detail by using a hair clip. That kind of service can be used in conjunction with eyebrow tinting.

Bikini waxing is a personal service customized to the specific needs of each client. Our experienced professionals do everything from basic bikini waxing, where the top and sides of the panty line are taken care of, to full service of the bikini area and Brazilian style waxing.